Sharing our Life in Australia with our Friends

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Top Destinations

All of Australia is fascinating and beautiful. We haven’t seen it all. But we have seen some. Here are a few of our favorite places.
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New Zealand


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Our Everyday Life

Because we aren’t just traveling through.
We have an everyday life in Brisbane, Australia which includes a home, friends, work, worship, hobbies, food, and play.

These are what really tell the story about our Australia. There is a uniqueness about our lives here. We don’t live life here in the same way that we do in Canada. We adapt to the culture and the setting. The basic elements might be the same, but they are experienced in slightly different ways. This blog tells our story – and some of yours too.

A Look Inside our canadian world

Our Canadian world focuses Alberta and British Columbia, with the spectacular Rocky Mountains in between.
In the same way, the border between Australia and Canada is the Pacific Ocean. Canada on its eastern shore and Australia on the west. Ocean neighbors, so to speak.  Many Australians that we have met are very interested in Canada, in spite of being concerned about the cold and the bears. In turn, we Canadians are fascinated with Australia, although we are afraid of their sharks and spiders and snakes.

Ed and I have called both of these diverse countries “home”.

Here is a taste of our Canadian home.

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