Eagle Street Pier, Gateway to the City

As the ferry approaches the CBD from downriver, Eagle Street Pier comes into view.  Riverside is the first ferry stop at this gateway to the city, and it is such a pretty introduction. Stepping from the ferry here, as many tourists do, will bring you into a district full of places to eat and to explore.

Eagle Street Pier – Hive of Activity

Eagle Street Pier area is a hive of activity with all of its restaurants and walkways. The walkways are busy with bicyclists, strollers, joggers, and business people taking time out for a coffee or drink, and tourists.  Markings on the paths and signs help people avoid collisions. Remembering to keep to the left and not walk on marked bicycle lanes helps a lot.

Eagle Street Pier, Food with a View

Riverbar, at Eagle Street Pier, is a great location for people watching and just enjoying the weather along the water. We like to go here for breakfast before walking along the water to explore the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. 

Australians don’t seem to have a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast. I’m having beetroot and poached egg on toast. Served cold.

Walking Along Eagle Street Pier

Walking, Biking, Strolling… all can be done here. If you head north toward Story Bridge you will wind up in Howard’s Wharf. If you head south, you will arrive at the Botanical Gardens. Let’s walk that direction now.

Ed is ready to show us the way to walk. Follow the signs, mind you. 

As we go, you might notice this bright red tree that is overhanging the path. It is called a Poinciana, and is very familiar to Brisbanites. I love it. See more pictures in another post.

Anyway, this is as far as we go. If you want to see the Botanical Gardens you have to stay tuned for the upcoming post.

Paddlewheelers and Restaurants at Eagle Street Pier

Brisbanites love to dine out, whether it is a coffee, a drink, or a meal with friends. And why not? The food in Australia is fresh and extremely well prepared. Coffee is amazing (not a drip machine to be found anywhere.) Finally, the weather is almost always agreeable to outdoor dining.  For more on the food and drink culture, see an upcoming blog post.

One great advantage to dining in this area is the wonderful views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge. At night it is magical, with even the bridge lit up.

Eagle Street Pier Architecture

After disembarking at Riverside ferry station, it is an easy walk into the City. Take a moment to look up and around. Tall buildings are framed against a brilliant blue sky. The fountain splashes water alongside the wide steps leading up.

(Hint: Click on the smaller pictures below. They will open up in a larger lightbox.)

On a Saturday the plaza can seem empty.

(Right) When we have visitors we always stop here to take a picture. 

Out on the Town at Eagle Street Pier

Eagle Street Pier is magical at night. So, on occasion I will arrange to meet Ed here after work and we will go out for dinner or drinks.  It is very pleasant to dine in the warm evening air by the river and then take the ferry home.

Let’s take a look around at all the wonderful nighttime lights on our favorite landmarks. The evening is warm and invites strolling.

fountain at Eagle Street at night

We have gone out to dinner with a work collegue of Ed’s at Navala, which is an fantastic Brazilian style restaurant. Now we wait in the warm evening air at Riverside ferry, right next to the restaurant, to take us home.

Taking the Ferry at Riverside

For more magical Brisbane nighttime light filled scenes, go to “Into the Night.”


We are sleepy now.

Time to go home.

Sweet Dreams.

See you soon.