Brisbane CBD – Eagle Street Pier

When Ed goes to work, he disembarks the  ferry at Riverside, which is at Eagle Street Pier. It is a pretty introduction to the CBD. Eagle Street Pier is home to many restaurants with views of the river and is the gateway to this fascinating CBD peninsula.

Paddle Wheeler Kookaburra Queen II

Amazing views from the restaurants at Eagle Street Pier

Riverbar, Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane CBD

On a Saturday we might stop at Riverbar for breakfast before walking along the water to explore the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. Eating at Riverbar gives you great views of the river, Story Bridge, and everyone who walks or cycles by.
Australians don’t seem to have a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast. I’m having beetroot and poached egg on toast. Served cold.
Many people here are fitness oriented, so there is a lot of walking and bicycling going on and those bikes are going fast! So it is a good idea to follow the safety rules of staying to the left.

A Little Look Around at Eagle Street Pier

From Eagle Street Pier it is an easy walk into the City, or to Ed’s workplace on Creek Street. Let’s take a minute to explore. From the Riverside ferry stop you climb many steps to arrive at this little oasis. It is quiet here on a Saturday.

Take a minute to look up at the stunning architecture.

On a Saturday the plaza can seem empty.

Out on the Town at Eagle Street Pier

On occasion I will arrange to meet Ed here after work and we will go out for dinner or drinks.  It is very pleasant to dine in the warm evening air by the river and then take the ferry home.
But first let’s take a look around at all the wonderful nighttime lights on our favorite landmarks. The evening is warm and invites strolling.

Customs House at Night

Taking the Ferry at Riverside

We are sleepy now.

Time to go home.

Sweet Dreams.

See you soon.

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