Ed – Working in Brisbane CBD

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Working in Brisbane CBD

Our story begins here, as it must, with Ed working in Brisbane CBD, because it is the job that brought us here to Brisbane.

Ed works in the city center, known here as CBD – Central business district – or “the city”, for short. (I am still catching myself saying “downtown” but I am getting better. This is not a term that is generally used in Australia.)

Brisbane CBD is really a delightful place to explore. Alongside business and government, there are a plethora of dining opportunities and coffee shops. You can shop, or go to museums, churches, parks and squares, and enjoy the numerous art installations scattered throughout the city core. Best of all, the CBD is compact and easy to explore. Look for another post featuring the CBD.

Ed has a demanding but interesting job.  His official title is “Team Lead of Field Development Planning”.  What that means is that he leads a group of reservoir engineers and a geomodeler in developing a new coal seam gas play in NSW. The reserve auditors tell him that it is one of the most complex reservoirs that they have worked on.  Ed is a great mentor and team lead and often comments on what a great team of people he has to work with. 

Traveling to Brisbane CBD by City Cat Ferry

Sometimes I go in to the city to meet Ed for lunch or dinner and to take in a little shopping. Actually I use it as an excuse to ride the City Cat ferry. Ed and I have “Go cards” which are transit cards that enable us to travel on the ferries, trains, and buses. We simply tap the card on and then off again and the cost of the trip is taken off of the card. I have conveniently them set up to automatically top up when low. Not only convenient, but also more economical. 

While I take the occasional trip on the ferry, Ed takes it every day to get to and from work. It is about a 30 minute trip to Eagle Street. It is the finest way to travel to work and we are so thankful that we landed in a neighborhood that is by the river. I will usually accompany Ed to the Bulimba Ferry Station in the morning as it is a pleasant and short walk along the water. We usually don’t check the time before we leave since the ferry runs every ¼ hour and it is only a short wait for the next one. Ed can always find something to occupy his time.

The Old Bulimba Ferry Station

The City Cat catamaran leaves the old Bulimba ferry station. In a few years we will have a new ferry station built here. It will disrupt our schedule for a while but eventually we will enjoy the benefits of the new shelter.

Arriving at CBD Riverside Stop (Eagle Street)

The City Cat approaches the city and the first ferry stop at Riverside. I never get tired of this view. I am impressed with how these tall buildings tower over the pretty Riverside/Eagle Street area.

Ed arrives at the Riverside station at Eagle Street Pier. Eagle Street Pier is a beautiful architectural location on the east side of the city peninsula. It is full of restaurants and is usually the stop that many tourists disembark at. Ed’s office is close by (within minutes) on Creek Street. Ed works very hard, but the load is lightened slightly by small joys of traveling to work on a catamaran, and enjoying the occasional dinner out in the warm air by the river.

I am back on the water, leaving Riverside and heading around to the other side of the city. Check in my post “A River Runs Through It” to get an idea of how the city is situated on a peninsula and surrounded on 3 sides by water (and lots of bridges.)
So pretty – even on a cloudy day. See you again soon.
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