Moving On Up to the West Side of the CBD…

Santos on Turbot Street

Ed has moved to the Other Side.

The other side of the CBD, that is. The company that Ed works for here in Australia (Santos) has been going through some major re-org and as a result Ed has found himself in the Turbot Street Santos location, on the west side of the CBD. Here is his new building. It is the tall multicolored one on the left.

(Picture Below)

Let’s take a few steps further back and look at the next picture. The highway that you see in the front is the busy M3 motorway (Pacific Highway), which lies at the edge of the CBD and the Brisbane River.

Take a close look at the bottom left corner. There is a pedestrian and bicycle pathway under the busy motorway. Look for it again in an upcoming blog where we take a walk along the water’s edge and under the motorway.

M3 – Pacific Motorway – on the West Side of the CBD

While we are on the topic of the Motorway, to give you a better perspective of the size of this highway, I want to show you some pictures taken from above the motorway from the Victoria Bridge. In the first pic we are looking north and in the second we look south. 

I try to avoid this highway on the west side of the CBD, but I have taken it a few times. You have to concentrate during busy times to avoid being in a lane that is exiting, while still trying to be able to exit when you want to. 

I rely on my GPS a lot. Even after years of living and driving in Brisbane, I like to have it on, even if I know where I am going.  




I have heard people express different opinions on this, but it has been my experience that Brisbanites do not speed. Even when passing on the highways they tend to only exceed the speed limit by a few km/hour, if at all.

1 William Street

In the picture on the left above you can’t help but notice the very tall building in the background. This is the newly constructed skyscraper is home to the Brisbane Government offices. It is currently the tallest tower in the city at 260 m. It will lose that title in 2019 when the Brisbane Skytower is slated to be completed. The residential Skytower will stand at just over 270 m tall.

This skyscraper is so tall. In this photo it looks like it is sitting atop the elevator in the foreground. This elevator is used to take you down to the river level to access the North Quay Ferry station that you see in the photo below. (You walk under the motorway to access the ferry station. There is also a pedestrian path down there.


The picture to the left (or below) is one that I took when I was first here in 2013. Since then there have been two significant changes in the landscape, shown in the more recent picture above.  If you find them, put your answer in the comment box below. 

P.S. I’m sorry that the perspectives are slightly different – but the missing elements would still show up here. 


Brisbane CBD Peninsula

I want to try to give you some perspective on the Brisbane CBD. It is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water. In fact, the Brisbane River is a key feature of Brisbane and will be featured in an upcoming blog post. When approaching the city from downriver, the first stop is at Eagle Street on the east side (right by Friday’s Riverside on the map). North Quay is the last convenient ferry stop to the CBD on the west side (show by the Treasury Casino).  The city is easily navigated by foot and an enjoyable afternoon can be had there. See “CBD Street Scene” 

Brisbane City Botanical Gardens

At the very tip of the peninsula is the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens, a really lovely place to spend some time.  Check out the pictures below. They were taken from the other side of the river while we were doing the Cliffs Walk and they give a great perspective on the City.

Above: That is the M3 on the left. The CBD looms above the green of the Botanical Gardens.

Below: Well, that does look like the Brisbane Skytower being constructed on the right. Perspective is a tough thing in a photo, but I wonder if it will top the Government Offices building on 1 William Street (on the left).

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