Is it Autumn or is it Spring?

Autumn? Spring? Well, I’m confused.

In Canada, it is Autumn (or Fall, as we say there) and all across Canada the leaves have been changing color:  golds and yellows, crimson reds and burnt orange, mixed together with some remaining green.  All this color, occurring primarily in September and October produces the most stunning landscapes.

At the same time, here in Australia, the leaves are also showing color.  But wait…it is Spring here – so what do you mean?

Well, here the new leaf growth on some of the trees and bushes is not green, but rather iridescent pink and red and rose. Amazing! Take a look at these photos of the Satinash Roly Poly (syzygium unipunctatum)  or the Satinash Lilly Pilly (Syzygium floribundum) to see what I mean.

Weeping Lilly Pilly

Here is the flower of the Weeping Lilly Pilly, in the Satinash family (Syzygium floribundum). Don’t you just love the delightful common names that Australians give their plants – “Roly Poly” and Lilly Pilly“?


In Australia, Spring is the months of September, October, and November and really is the most spectacular time here in terms of color. Not only are the leaves turning interesting colors, but the trees are breaking forth in magnificent hues of red and purple. Take a look at these posts “Jacaranda Trees” and “Seeing Red” to see what I mean.