Canadian Rocky Mountains Series

Traveling through the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Favorite Stops Along the Way

I have traveled through these Canadian Rocky Mountains more times than I can count. I am grateful for such a special gift. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are immense, awe inspiring, and beautiful. And there is always more to be discovered and experienced. This will be the first post of several which will highlight my own particular traveled route from Calgary, Alberta to Creston, British Columbia, through the glorious Rockies. In this post I will point out some of our favorite stops along the way.

Canmore – a Pretty Town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Canmore is a pretty town sitting just below the Three Sister’s Mountains. It is the first Canadian Rocky Mountain resort town that you encounter when entering the mountains in Alberta. Everyone knows Banff, Canmore’s touristy neighbor, but Canmore has thankfully kept a low key.  Canmore has a laid back approachable attitude, mirroring the local sport enthusiast population. But it also has big scenery, lovely shopping, art galleries, and loads of excellent places to eat. Only 90 minutes away, it is also our favorite mountain destination. I will most certainly create a blog post in the future focusing on Canmore. Stay tuned.

Although it is mid summer (July) we have run into some unseasonable rainy weather. So we hunker down at our favorite local pitstop – the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company.

Great coffee and melt in your mouth in store baked bagel sandwiches fortify us for the road.

Below left: The patio, usually a popular place isn’t as appealing in the rain.

Below right: The Three Sisters Mountains are hiding themselves in clouds.

Here is a picture of the Three Sisters taken on a clear day in Spring, when the mountains still have snow on them. Later, I will tell you the story of how they got their name.

For more than the past two decades, our journey through the Canadian Rocky Mountains has taken us on a specific route. From Calgary, Alberta we travel through the Rockies to Creston, British Columbia.  This 6 hour drive usually takes longer as we stop for to gaze at the mountains, grab a bite to eat, and on occasion, a game of golf. 

Fort Steele Farm, B.C.

We don’t always make it here at the right time of day, but if we can, we stop for homemade pie and other baked goods or fruit and fresh eggs. It is so pretty here. Being a farmer is hard work but the setting couldn’t be prettier.

Stopping for the View at Columbia Lake, B.C.

Our very favorite stop is the one for the view. Fortunately the Alberta and BC governments have made sure that there are plenty of generous pull outs so that you can look at the view, soak in the sun, have a picnic, a short walk, and a toilet break.

Pit Stop Along Highway 3 in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

This looks like a great place to stop for a picnic. 

Good thing that I brought sandwiches.

Sometimes our favorite stop is the necessary one.

Now if you will excuse me, I’ll see you later…