Canadian Rocky Mountains

The Mighty Trans Canada Highway through the Rockies

Well, we are on the road again through the Rocky Mountains, traveling west from Calgary, AB, through Canmore and Banff, on the  #1 Trans Canada Highway. The Trans Canada transverses Canada from the West Coast to the East (or vice versa), through 10 provinces. 

This sign welcomes us into the Rocky Mountains.

Do you think that we might see a grizzly bear?


Cascade Mountain

As mighty as the Trans Canada highway is, it becomes barely a ribbon with these immense mountains looming over it.

Depending on the time of year, the Trans Canada highway might be busy with traffic or almost empty.

Near Banff

Castle Mountain

We continue to travel the Trans Canada highway, but before we hit stunning and iconic Lake Louise, we will take the exit at Castle Mountain Junction and continue our journey southward on Hwy 93. Before we do that let’s pause here to take a moment to look at Castle Mountain. (Castle Mountain is the header image of the “One Canadian Back in Canada” section.)  

As we drive along the Bow River we can see Castle Mountain looming in the distance. Notice how empty the Trans Canada Highway is? That is probably because we are traveling late October. Although technically still Autumn, winter is looming. The mountains have snow on them and tourist season is over. 

We’ll just take this generous pullout and stop for some pictures. There are toilets, trash bins, and even an informative play center for those kids to burn off some energy. Anyway, who can resist a chance to gaze at this view? The Bow River sparkles in the sunshine and Cascade Mountain looms in the distance.

My sister, Annette, is good company. She is also the one who has been taking a lot of these fabulous pictures of the snow capped mountains while I have been driving. 

Time to continue our journey. We will be leaving the Trans Canada Highway shortly. Goodbye Castle Mountain. Stay tuned for “Following the Kootenay River on Hwy 93” and then we really must talk about the bears.  Bye for now.

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